Government School education in India?

Government School education in India?


I think this is as important as air, as essential as water and as vital as vitamins and minerals. 

Because without this we can't think of a society, culture, language, growing civilisations, any sort of communication, growth. Think of our ancient ancestors who used to live in the forest,eat whatever they found, sleep where there was some space, and roam around naked. But as they evolve, as they feel some kind of communication, discover new ideas of survival they start to grow. This is a form of learning, the same as education. 

Government School education in India?

Yes, what is education? It is nothing but slowly and continuously learning the process to become a well Sophisticated well being. 

Lack of resources and responsibility-

Indian education has never kept up with the pace of requirements of students since its independence. We are close to celebrating our 75 years of independence but our education system is still suffering from lots of deficit. 

The whole world is transforming and growing towards a technological future, but in our case many students have never heard of or used any type of technology in rural and some semi urban areas as well. Even those students who want to study, sometimes feel so unprivileged because our entire education system is so lacking in giving opportunity, a platform to grow the student and their interest in studies.

Government launches schemes, policies, but they never reach the real hand in need. All the effort is going in vain because the whole system is corrupt, and the core reason for this is also the lack of education in the leaders. 

Even in this new era the girls are not allowed to take education in several parts of rural areas.This is a pure example of the lagging education and schemes of the government and an immature society. These are the major areas of concern for our society, for us and for the government as well. 

Apart from this, the new need of the hour is skill oriented, problem solving, critical thinking mindset for the students but we are still in a generation where old age school is in trend. We still look for son/daughter to score in the marksheet, not in real life. This is the biggest evil of society and our nation. We need to grow our son/daughter according to their passion, their areas of interest rather than imposing our will on them and pressuring them. 

Q1: Government vs private education -

Let's now talk about those underprivileged son/daughter whose families do not have that much money to send their son/daughter to private schools rather they work on wages in hotels, shops etc. What about them, government schools? 

No a big no, because these government school teachers and the schemes are of no use at all. This is the lack of the system, these institutes are never scrutinised, the government servants are too lazy to work, at the end of the month the only thing they need is their salary and nothing else.They have lost their moral and ethical values. The biggest irony of India is that, no one wants to send their warden to government schools, but everyone wants a Government job for their son/daughter. 

On the other hand private institutes need a bag full of money to educate your son/daughter. Everyone can't afford it and those who afford have all the privilege in their hands. Further, those students who have better education, will be admitted into the best colleges, universities and later they will lead a dream life that is what they desire for. This will create a lot more problems in the near future due to rising inequality between poor and rich. 

Q2: Consequences -

Poverty, population, pollution, illiteracy,corruption,and crimes are the consequences of lack of education. The list does not end it here,it is moving on and on. 

Education is only the key for any great nation to enhance and improve their status. If we are not able to educate our peoples then how can we develop? 

We are just digging the earth for ourselves to be buried in. 

Q3: Areas of improvement- 

The government should try to be strict with the government schools, scrutinise the procedure, improvement and conduction of teaching. There is a special evaluation authority for all the government teachers, who monitor their teaching every year. We should try to run various awareness programmes across the parents and girl son/daughter to promote them for higher education. 

 Government should try to increase technologically enabled schools and increase the budgets for the education sector. Try to curb the private institution and monitor them as well. 


We need a modified and a unique pattern of Syllabus which can match the modern expectations of industry and the world. We should try to use skill based learning rather than those traditional ways of mugging up illogical concepts which are of no use in this young generation.


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