Online education Advantages and Disadvantages?

Online education Advantages and Disadvantages?

Online Education

Online education Advantages and Disadvantages?


I think by now every single person knows about this term. Every student in the entire country is directly or indirectly benefited by this. Anyone from any corner of the world is able to learn seating at any opposite corner of the world. Looks amazing doesn't it? No one, literally no one before 2019, can ever imagine that technology will extend and help like this in the upcoming future. But the things which seem to be impossible in history will always come up with an Astonish outcome. We acknowledge or not but this all started due to Lock down Pandemic,which certainly makes all of us feel helpless and bound. But this gives learners the flexibility of time and pace. 

Advantages and Disadvantages-

Anything in this world has two faces attached to it just like coins, they came at the cost of some sacrifices and unstoppable outcomes. 

As we know that technology and the new era of internet and innovation makes our planet a better place to sustain day by day by making our day to day work much at ease. With no age barrier,no caste, no state or any international barrier can make you stop learning and become a better version of yourself.The world has survived this huge pandemic without a pause in studies, thanks to artificial intelligence to give us this level of technology. 

 But,is this evolution in our education, 

 Is it really worth it ? 

 I think it can be an alternate option but not a permanent solution. Because education is not about only learning and mugging the concept, it's about the wholesome growth of a boys/girls. It is a gradual process of learning, understanding, strengthening our mental, physical as well as emotional thought process, knowing about our culture, our society and how to behave in a subtle and sincere way.

Our great great ancestors use to go to Gurukuls, live the ascetic life, learn our culture, beg for the food roaming around different houses, they live there without any discrimination, any type of caste,racism,religion and grow a fraternal behaviour among them. 

 But with the advance in technology and its accessibility to everyone from boys/girls to old age, is striking our senses and eagerness to learn, and develop the moral values in boys/girls.

All the time they are involved in their mobile phones watching videos, playing games, which never gonna benefit them and with the online education the rest of the time they used to spend in the real world now investing in mobile phones,laptops. This is very strikful for them if it continues to grow. We need to reopen to the real world, involve in physical games which bring real refreshment.

These young generations with technology are devastating their boys/girls hood and future as well. Apart from this, we can't reach the poor boys/girls, with no sort of accessibility to technology to educate them. No matter how much government or institution endeavours there is always a lot left without privilege and education. So, we should try to make education stable and grow better in the traditional way, so that it reaches everyone in a region who is eager to learn. 

 Future of Online (or AI) education-

With the increasing pace in artificial intelligence and growing the need for advanced technology and innovation brings the youth and the others to an immense level of choices to choose a lot of opportunities available. There is no doubt about it that in the near future artificial intelligence will become so advanced that we can replace our traditional way of teaching. We can have robots as our teachers, gadgets as our friends and online gaming as our physical sports.On one hand this will bring life at much ease but on the other hand devastate our upcoming generation, they have no way to learn how to live a happy and a healthy life. 

They can conquer the world but they will never be able to conquer and understand the meaning of life, they nurture their greed but not kindness, they grow the desire of being smart, intelligent but not Humanity, they learn how to survive but never able to now how to be civilised, they will no the history, geography, but never know learn our culture, our heritage. 


If i want all of us to make precautious of the danger in one sentence then i will say, Use the technology on your term and condition, as per your requirement but in the process never become the slave of technology. Technology is for us not that we are for technology, so limit the use of these and make time to learn and grow according to human behaviour. 


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