Artificial intelligence ai कैसे करेगा सभी काम?

Artificial intelligence ai कैसे करेगा सभी काम?

आने वाले समय में आप देखेंगे की आर्टिफिशियल इंटेलिजेंस एआई की मदद से किसी भी बीमारी का इलाज एक चुटकी में आर्टिफिशियल इंटेलिजेंस कर देगा। आर्टिफिशियल इंटेलिजेंस आई जब आप किसी भी शब्द को लिखेंगे तो उससे पहले आर्टिफिशियल इंटेलिजेंस आपको बता देगा कि इसके आगे यह वाला शब्द आएगा या लिखा जाएगा। अगर आपने कहीं पर स्पेलिंग मिस्टेक कर दी है तो उस समय भी आर्टिफिशियल इंटेलिजेंस आपको बताएगा कि आपने स्पेलिंग मिस्टेक कर दी है और आर्टिफिशियल इंटेलिजेंस आपको वहां पर शब्द बताएगा सही-सही आप उसे सिंपली लिख दीजिए.

Artificial intelligence ai कैसे करेगा सभी काम?

(Do you know who will work with Artificial Intelligence?) क्या आप जानते हैं आर्टिफिशियल इंटेलिजेंस कौन कौन काम करेगा?

  • 1. Linear Algebra
  • 2. Differential and Integral Calculus
  • 3. Matrices and Linear Transformations
  • 4. Integration and Approximation
  • 5. Modern Regression
  • 6. Probability Theory
  • 7. Bayesian Networking
  • 8. Probabilistic Graphical Models
  • 9. Computer Systems and Programming
  • 10. Natural Language Processing

1. Linear Algebra रैखिक बीजगणित

When you do numbering on it by making customers or by drawing a straight line, the same linear algebra is called linear algebra. In case you don't understand. How and how any of your instruments are working can be seen according to linear algebra. And it can be corrected and at this time Artificial Intelligence has also acquired a lot of information about Linear Algebra which will help you to solve all these questions quickly.

2. Differential and Integral Calculus डिफरेंशियल और इंटीग्रल कैलकुलस

Whenever you have to do differentiation and integration. Then you make a lot of errors. To eliminate all these errors, Artificial Intelligence uses very good computer technology to solve the Differential and Integral Calculations within just 10 seconds and tell the answer. It is far beyond human capability.

3. Matrices and Linear Transformations मैट्रिक्स और रैखिक परिवर्तन

When any stream or wave goes up and down in the form of a horn and speed, artificial intelligence has to be used to find its velocity. Because in a very short time, it tells you the whole speed by multiplying it by subtraction, which takes 20 to 30 times more time than it is done by a human.

4. Integration and Approximation एकीकरण और सन्निकटन

With the help of artificial intelligence, it has become very easy when you use artificial intelligence to add many different fractions in its algebraic format and find the exact value to the nearest decimal. If one works out the value of the approximation or integration, it takes between 15 and 30 seconds.

5. Modern Regression आधुनिक प्रतिगमन

In modern times, questions started coming so twisted, which man used to answer for a long time. That's why Artificial Intelligence played its role very well in doing this work and answers all the questions of modern regression in a second.

6. Probability Theory संभाव्यता सिद्धांत

संभाव्यता का सिद्धांत आर्टिफिशियल इंटेलिजेंस बहुत कम समय में करके दे देती है।

7. Bayesian Networking बायेसियन नेटवर्किंग

If you use a lot of internet. So it is not so easy to calculate people at that time. Therefore, Bayesian networking is used for this in Artificial Intelligence. Due to which the data can be seen accurately in a very short time.

8. Probabilistic Graphical Models संभाव्य ग्राफिकल मॉडल

When you prepare the design of any structure. Its graphic model is uploaded to the computer to fit it into a 3D model on a machine. Due to which that machine prints it. This is how the graph is made. That happens only with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

9. Computer Systems and Programming कंप्यूटर सिस्टम और प्रोग्रामिंग

When you try to write any language on the computer, then there you see some suggestions under it. With the help of all this artificial intelligence is used to rectify the mistakes in the programming done while writing your computer system or any application software of the computer.

10. Natural Language Processing प्राकृतिक भाषा प्रसंस्करण

When you write or speak any word in any language. Then whatever words you write while speaking on a computer or mobile or any device. She writes the word artificial intelligence itself. Artificial Intelligence always takes care of what people want to say. According to her, she writes the words forward.


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